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Jenny and Andrew

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Our Story

The first time Jenny "met" Andrew was at Amherst College in the spring of 2013 when she was a freshman and Andrew was a senior. They never actually talked then, but Jenny recognized Andrew from the the math and science tutoring center (the Q Center). When Jenny first started going to the Q Center, she didn't know which of the two male tutors there was her class's assigned tutor. She used the school directory to look up their respective profiles and determined that the cuter tutor who ran cross country was *not* her tutor. That was Andrew.

Fast forward to 2017 and Jenny and Andrew are both living and working in Boston. They eventually connect via Coffee Meets Bagel, with Jenny's first line being "I think I recognize you from the Q center." Their relationship takes off from there. The two of them have shared many great memories and milestones together, including Andrew cooking and Jenny being the Xu chef, hastily planning travels with action-packed itineraries, Andrew becoming a marathoner, and Jenny graduating from business school. Six years of little and big moments later, Jenny and Andrew are ecstatic and looking forward to celebrating their upcoming marriage with you.